Ramadan dua Day 3


As salam alaikum 

Paz y Saludos

Hoy es el trecero día de Ramadan. Todo día, decimos un oración.  Hoy es nuevo oración. disfruta! 

Today is the third day of Ramadan. Every day we say a dua ( prayer). Today is a new prayer. Enjoy! 


Sharing Ramadan 


I wanted to share a few stories of other people and their experiences in fasting. I found this great piece and wanted to share



!Islam es Para Todos!

Cooking as a spiritual exercise; day 1 of Ramadan

Today as of the sunset marked the first whole day of Ramadan on June 18th I partook in one of my favorite spiritual exercises; cooking. I admit, it took a lot out of me to fast but in the time I cooked and ate before dawn and also at sunset I found serenity, calm, but […]


Ramadan Mubarak!

We have made it to another year! Alhamdulillah. This month all Muslims will give up their desires to worship Allah even more and to remember the importance of this month. 

This moth we pray even more asking Allah to forgive us and have mercy on us. 

When you see a Muslim. Smile and tell them Ramadan Mubarak!