The Champion Muslim Boxer, Muhammad Ali. My Reflection. 

Sitting back reflecting on the death of #MuhammadAli reading his awesome quotes. Reading everyone’s post about him.Shedding tears of saddnes for the loss of a Muslim, a Man, a Human being.

As a child I knew of Muhammad Ali, he was a black boxer who was good at boxing and was part of the Nation of Islam. I knew about the Nation of Islam because that is how my mother, grand mother and family became Muslim. I knew he was around a long time, and people said he was the greatest boxer of all times. I saw the documentaries of him fighting. I remember watching one about his match in Africa and how he use to intimate his opponent before the fights. He would get into their heads and play with them. When it came to fight, mentally they already lost. Yup, I knew of Muhammad Ali, The Boxer. 

But I did not know Muhammad Ali, The Muslim. It was not until well into my adulthood, that I was introduced to Muhammad Ali, The Muslim. The Black Activist.  The Black Nationalist. 

The Black Muslim who spoke his mind any time, any where.  I did not know the Muslim in him and his love for his religion and for Allah. As I am here reflecting about his life, reading various quotes and wiping away tears. I can vividly remember a documentary about him I watched on Netflix. I felt so proud to have this amazing black man who is Muslim, speak so candidly about his life as a Muslim and Black man living  in America. Speaking against anyone who even thought of saying something racist about him or Islam. He was truly the defender of Islam.  He was always the first to set them straight. I remember watching the documentary and laughing at one point but then amazed at how smoothly he spoke of the injustices being done to black people in America.

As I sit and reflect on his greatness, his achievements, his motivating words. I have to remind myself I need to be more like him. He was charismatic, loving, approachable, plan spoken, funny, full of knowledge and aware of himself, his capabilities. Even when people told him he couldn’t, he did it anyway. 

 WE need to be more like him. As Muslims and as human beings. We need to be firm in our deen (faith). We need to strive to remember Allah on all occasions and in every environment. We need not be ashamed of who we are as Muslims. We need to be true champions of this Deen. We need to become stronger mentally in ourselves and in our faith. Once we have obtain that kind of mental strength, nothing in this world can stop us! 

We need to be firm in our Deen

Strive to remember Allah on All occassions

We need not be ashamed of who we are as Muslims
Become stronger mentally and within our faith

This champion of life, of Islam and of humanity. Will surely be missed. My prayers go out to his family. May Allah (God) give you the strength to get through this hardship. Ameen

May Allah forgive Bro. Muhammad Ali of his sins. Protect him from the torment of the grave and hellfire. And grant him the highest level of Jennah. Ameen 

And I will end with this awesome quote: 

“The day I met Islam, I found a power within myself that no man can destroy or take away” Muhammad Ali 
As salam alaikum Wa Rahamtuhalli Wa Baraktahu Bro. Muhammad Ali. 



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