Islamic Months and their History


As salam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahu

Ramadan 1437 will begin in a few days. Again this year I plan to post duas every day along with my personal reflection of each day. 

This year I wanted to share some helpful information pertaining to the months of Islam. I find this very interesting, I always wanted to know what each month meant but it was always hard to find, due to the fact that most information about the meaning of the names of the months were in Arabic. 

Growing up I knew some of the months, especially Ramadan, Shawal, Dhul Hijja. Only because during the month of Ramadan we fast. During the month of Shawal we have an huge celebration to mark the end of fasting and during the month of Dhul Hijja is when we make Hajj to the sacred holy place Mecca. 

I found this infographic on Pinterest and I thought I would share some basic information to kick off the month of Ramadan. 

Check back for more information. 

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As always have an awesome day! 



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