Ramadan day 5, a day of Mercy 

Another day has passed and I find myself wondering if I am doing enough with my time during the day. 

So many people look at me funny when Ramadan comes around. They cannot understand or maybe comprehend going all day without food and water. It really blows their mind.  BUT as I was looking at the calendar we really do not have a lot of time left to really find our connection with our soul and with Allah. 

Now is the time to dig deep and recommit ourselves to our relationship with the creator. With Allah. 

With the passing of Muhammad Ali and so many others. We do not know if we will be here in 30 days let alone know if we will see another Ramadan. During this time we have to ask ourselves are we doing enough?

On day 5 I pray Allah accepts our fast and accepts our duas. And increase our love for him and allow us to reconnect with him. Ameen. 

Have a good day of fasting familía 



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