¡Felíz Jumuah!


Jumuah (Yuma en español) is a special day for Muslims. Jumuah (Yuma) for this is the end our week and a day for us to pray in congregation and listen to a sermon.

On this day there are three things we like to do:
1. Wake up and make Ghusl , a process of cleaning our body.
2. Adorn ourselves with our clean and best clothes
3. Arrive to the Masjid (Mezquita=Mosque) early to sit quietly and Dhikr until the Khatib is there to give the sermon.
4. The Reading of Surah Khaf (The Cave). It is believes when you read this Surah. Your minor sins are forgiven from one Jumuah to the next. Alhamdulillah.

As you can see there are plenty benefits for this day!

Alhamdulillah para la nueva día
!feliz Jumuah!
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