Ramadan Day 8- Mercy for all 


 Day 8 was hard. My weekend sleeping schedule is way different than my weekday schedule. I felt very sleepy it was still a good day. The hardest part is being thirsty. All I could think about are those in the world that will go without water and food. As I broke my fast I was very thankful for the small blessings in my life. 

I pray Allah gives those who are homeless and without ease in their hardship Ameen

This is what Ramadan is about! Mercy for all. 



Ramadan dua Day 3


As salam alaikum 

Paz y Saludos

Hoy es el trecero día de Ramadan. Todo día, decimos un oración.  Hoy es nuevo oración. disfruta! 

Today is the third day of Ramadan. Every day we say a dua ( prayer). Today is a new prayer. Enjoy!