Ramadan day 3

Day 3 is here! Each day as Muslims we read the Quran. Some people read each section or juz a day. There are 30 juz in the Quran. I decide along time ago that was to stressful for me and it was stoping me from enjoying my Ramadan. So I decided that I will only read what I can. This year I set my timer and I read for 15mins. Usually in the morning. 

Today as I was reading. My mind began to think about how quickly my life has changed, for the better that is. Last year it was just me and my kids. Last year after Ramadan I was blessed with a husband and additional family members. So we are a blended family. Even though there has been some challenges I am so blessed and happy to be with a wonderful and have more beautiful children to spice up my life. I was thinking how our lives change from one Ramadan to the next. 

We are still in the first ten days and during these 10 days we ask for mercy. 

I pray Allah continues to shower me and my family with his love and mercy and continue to bless us as a family. Ameen. 

Thank you for sharing this day with us. 


Soy Musulmana y AfroLatina


I recently had a conversation with a long time friend about family, She just had a baby. Some how we started talking about family roots and she mentioned she is Panamanian! My mouth fell open. I have know her for 4-5yrs, we go to the same masjid and we never spoke about our family. I was so excited to know I have another Muslimah who is of AfroLatino descent.

When I started my organization -Asociacion Latina Musulmana de Atlanta. I was really just searching for other latino/a muslims and as I began looking  Alhamdulillah ( Toda La Alabanza a Ala, All praise to Allah) more and more people began to contact me. As it turned out there where a few Latinos Musulmanes in Atlanta and so many people contacted me from other states about informacion en espanol sobre Islam. I felt so happy to know I was not the only Latina Muslim in Georgia.

As time went on I met more latino muslims and we have had several meet and greets. I realized how beautiful we look covered and we all look the same but yet we are all from different latin backgrounds. Subhan Allah. I also, discovered that even though we are muslim, we are still hidden within the Ummah ( Muslim community). People I have known for years have come forward and told me they are Panamanian or Dominican.

As Muslimahs we are covered in hijab, so people assume we are Arab or Somalian or even Indian and they never understand that we are either Latino or AfroLatino and we have our own culture.

Insha Allah (Si Dios Quiere, God Willing) I will begin to post several blogs about being Muslim and AfroLatino, as well as, feature other AfroLatino Muslims.

I pray this blog and future blogs about Islam y somos cultura will be of benefit. Ameen.

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As always, Islam es para todos!

Tu Hermana en Islam