Ramadan is here again but with a twist

Happy Ramadán

All praise to God/ Gracia A Dios/ Alhamdulillah we have been allowed to see a new Ramadan.

It seems as though I blog the most during this month. However, I made my intentions this year to blog more starting in January, but you see how that turned out right?!?

Since we are still sheltered in place. All the masaajid (Plural for masjid/ mosques / Mezquitas) are closed. Which means as a Ummah (community / comunidad) we will not be able to break our fast nor pray together. I know it’s not a big deal for some, but then again it is. That means no contact, no hugs, no midnight prayers in congregation.

During this time of month, not only do we use the time to reconnect ourselves with our Creator (Allah). We reconnect ourselves with the Ummah. It’s part of the healing process and realignment of our spiritual selves. So needless to say, we all will become creative on how we reconnect with the community

One way I plan on reconnecting with the Ummah. Is to log into as many local live webinars as possible and listen to as many beneficial lectures about our holy month of fasting.

Alhamdulillah I was invited to a Latina Quran Book Club which I am super excited about. One of my personal goals this year is to read a page of Quran a day.

I finished reading the Quran last year ALHAMDULILLAH so this year I would like to stay consistent with my reading and finish before the end of the year.

So, we have to read 15 pages a day. 😳😳🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ but hey I’m up for the challenge. Today is my day 1 for my reading and I will share some Quranic gems and things that resonated with me from this weeks reading.

This is the book we are reading from. I have had this version of the Quran on my shelf for years. Alhamdulillah.

So my plan for this Ramadán is to share not only my experience of fasting. Especially during this Corona Virus Pandemic, but I also wanted to share my recipes for iftar. I decided on the weekends I will cook ALL Puerto Rican dishes and invite family and friends to come pick up food and leave.

Today for me is Day 1 of fasting. My suhoor was simple waffles, a date, eggs, turkey bacon and my water bottle

Suhoor Ramadán Day 1

Tonight’s iftar (dinner) will be arroz con pollo, salad y Maduros. I will share that recipe and picture tonight Insha Allah.

Ramadan has 3 stages. The first 10 days are the days of mercy and blessings. The 2nd stage is forgiveness and the 3rd is emancipation from the hell fire.

So my dua for all who reads this. May Allah allow you Mercy in this life and in the next. Give you ease today and if you are fasting May he accept your fast and duas. Ameen

Gracia A todos for reading my blog and allowing me to share my thoughts and prayers with you. If you have questions about Islam or my experience or maybe Islamic terminology leave them in the comments.

Gracia y Adiocito Shareefa

Adobo and Hot Sauce

It’s amazing how a pic or quote can jog your memory from your childhood or past.

On FB there is a video by KevOnStage, if you don’t know who he is google! He is so funny!) Actually on this particular video it was his son, ANYWAY… he was talking about stouffers season baking sheets. Check out the video here. His son goes down this list of seasonings one can use instead of seasoned baking sheets and he holds up the adobo! 🤔🤔🤣🤣🤣

I know you are probably wondering why is that funny. First, it is a rarity that Americans season their food with something other than plain salt or Lawry’s season salt and it’s even more of a rarity for Americans (black or white ) to season their food with Adobo. Only people who live around Latinos or Caribbean people know about Adobo. I fell out laughing because he gave us (Latinos) a shout out with the adobo.

Instantly, I remembered when I began using adobo. WWAAYYYY back when, I think I was in my early twenties. ( I am ashamed to say this) I seasoned my food with Lawry’s seasoning salt 😳😳😑😑 I know don’t shoot me.

At that time I was young, married, fresh out my mommas house. I didn’t know nothing about nothing. BUT at this time of my life I was searching for ways to reconnect with my AfroLatino identity so I started cooking more dishes I grew up eating. My favorite of course was my Tia’s Arroz Con Pollo (Chicken and Rice) I still can’t make it like she does, but when I use to get home sick I would make this dish and instantly felt better.

One day I was in Fiesta ( a grocery store in Houston). I happened to walk down the spice aisle and saw Goya Productos. The word Adobo caught me eye. Mi papí and I were talking about how to season PR food. I was making my own sofrito and in his cookbook I remember the recipe to make your own adobo. When I saw it was already made. I was in heaven. So I bought the one sin pimiente. I went home and made some pollo guisado. It was so good. It took me back to my Tia’s kitchen.

One day, my then husband asked me to make some fried chicken 😳. Full disclosure, 1. I was newly married so again did not know much about cooking. 2. I NEVER made fried chicken. My maternal grandmother, who is African American and from the south, of course made southern food. So I watched her make fried chicken but I NEVER made it. 3. Again I was raised on spanish food ( and that’s another blog for another time 🤣🤣). Again, my then husband proceeds to tell me how to season the chicken, flour etc. By then I threw out the Lawry’s season salt which irritated him. 🤣🤣🤣. I proceeded to season the flour WITH ADOBO, paprika, ajo y pimiente and parsley. I also seasoned the chicken con Adobo. I dropped my chicken in the paper bag with the flour mixture. Coated the chicken and began to fry the chicken.

When dinner was ready we sat down to eat. I was so nervous. He took one bite, looked at me and smiled. Grabbed the hot sauce 2 more pieces and said the chicken was good! He even bragged to his friends about MY chicken. When he asked what did I use to season the chicken. I smiled and showed him my ADOBO… 🤣🤣🤣

I am proud to say I have been using Adobo in my kitchen for 20+ years. I am also proud to say my children have been raised on adobo and know NEVER TO BUY anything but adobo! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 I did good right?!?! 🤣🤣🤣

Gracia mi gente for allowing me to share this memory. If you have want share the first time you used adobo, drop your memory in thecomments!


The Spirit of Ramadan is here


En el nombre de Dios, el Compasivo, el Misericordioso

As salam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatahu

Ramadan is once again upon us. Alhamdulillah ( All praise to Allah, Todos las alabanzas pertenecen a Dios). And thus far it has been a magical moment.

This year my family and I climbed Stone Mountain ( you can read about the park here —insert link) with a group of other muslims to search for the night sky for the Hilal or new moon. In Islam our calendar is based on a lunar cycle. The New moon signals the start of a new month.

It was important for us to get to the top of the mountain before the sun begins to set. So my kids made it up there in a pinch. Unfortunately, It took me some time but I made it. About half way up I took this picture of the city. It’s so beautiful up there. Masha Allah.

When we finally made it to the top we where able to rest and watch the sun go down. It was so beautiful to see the sun sink below the city sky line. As the sun set, we became eager to spot the moon. Unfortunately, there were some clouds there so honestly we where not sure we would see the new moon. But we all stayed just in cased. As the sun dipped away, the sky began to get dark. We needed to pray Maghrib, but we also wanted to spot the moon. One brother there thought he saw it between the clouds. It turned out to be a plane or something. We did not get discouraged though. Someone suggested we pray maghrib and maybe we will see it after Maghrib.

Subhan ALLAH after prayer, the clouds cleared and we where able to spot the tine sliver of the moon! I wanted to cry. It was the most amazing sight. We as Muslims always speak about the Sunnah and how we should follow it. To be there that night and see this part of the Sunnah come alive was amazing.

Upon seeing the new moon, the month of Ramadan has  begun. In Islam the new day starts after maghrib. Which means the first night of Tawarih was Fri night.

My family and I hurried down the mountain and quickly as possible in the dark with our flash lights. When we got home we prepped for morning breakfast (suhoor) and I went to the masjid for prayer.

As I pulled up to the masjid I felt so excited to see people lining up for prayer. It seemed as though the mosques were so empty for so long and all of a sudden they came alive. As I greeted sisters I have not seen for a while. I could definetly feel the sprit of Ramadan in my heart and soul.

First day of Ramadan

Alhamdulillah ( Todos las alabanzas pertenecen a Dios) the first day was a good day. We as a family woke up and ate breakfast together. We start our day off with a small breakfast and lots of fluids. After suhoor we pray our Fajr prayer ( which is the morning prayer and the 1st prayer we make). Afterwards, you can lay back down or begin your day.

At sunset, which is Maghrib prayer, we are able to break our fast and begin eating again. Today we broke our fast at the Masjid ( Mezquita). With a small meal, fruits, dates and water. It was nice to see familiar people and enjoy the company of friends and family. And together we end our day of fasint with Isha prayer (night prayer) then Tawarih prayer, which is the prayer after Isha during ramadan( I will write in detail about that later).

All in all , today was a good day. Allah has allowed us to see the new day and to worship him.

Thank you for sharing this day with me and I hope you had a successful first day as well.

Until tomorrow have a good night

ALMA-Asociacion Latina Musulmana de Atlanta


Quran Challenge Day 4

Desafío del Corán Dia 4

¡Acordaos de Mí, que Yo Me acordaré de vosotros! Surah La Vaca (2:152) •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

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Quran Challenge day 2

Quran Challenge day 2.
This verse speaks volumes to me. We as humans want to believe Allah is never around. But that is not true Allah is every where! He will never leave us. 


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My Quran/Corán Challenge 

I was challenged to post for 7 days a Quranic verse and nominate 2 people everyday. Here is day 1. This is my favorite verse from the Quran. It has gotten me through many hard times. As a reminder, it kept me aware of my environment and constantly reminded me whatever I am going through. It will pass. The blessings will come.  How do I know this? Because Allah has told me so. “With every hardship comes ease.”




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